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Being a guest at a Romantik Hotel is special and goes far beyond just eating, drinking and sleeping well. As a guest here, you can enjoy individual hospitality in an environment of historical ambience.


Be it as small as 6 rooms or as large as 90 rooms, in a town or a holiday area - the variety of the historic buildings and the individuality of every single Romantik Hotel are expressed within a broad spectrum. But no matter how different and individual each establishment is, all Romantik hoteliers are passionate hosts. The guest is always the central focus of attention.The thinking and acting of all the Romantik hoteliers and their employees is determined by these values:

Ro Ho D Meissen Burgkeller 02

Tradition, Hospitality, Friendship, Quality, Tolerance, Responsibility, Genuineness, Education, Culture, Geniality, Passion

The cooperation attaches great importance on an up-scale, regionally influenced cuisine - Numerous of its chefs have been awarded a Michelin star. 60 hotels in 5 countries meet the criteria of the proprietary Romantik Spa seal. The Romantik Hoteliers take 'wellness' literally and create zones of well-being, where gentle activities are the focus.

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Ro Ho Ch Zurich Europe

Europe, Zurich


Julen, Zermatt

Ro Ho D St Goar Rheinfels 01

Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels in St. Goar

Romantik Hotel Villa Pagoda In Genoa

Villa Pagoda, Genoa

Ro Ho E Capdepera Cases De Son Barbasse 002

LagosCases de Son Barbassa, Capdepera Palma de Mallorce, Spain


Scheelehof in Stralsund, Germany

Gersberg Alm

Gersberg Alm, Salzburg


My specialty is independent European travel, and is based on 25 years of personal travel experience. My source to reserve many unique and charming accommodations, from farm houses to castles, is Euro-Connection. Their knowledgeable staff provides the same kind of personal attention to detail that I give my clients.

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